Our Team

Highly skilled professionals in their respective fields.

Ksaundra Fitch

Digital Media / Podcasting

  • Hollywood Actress
  • Theater Actress
  • Professional Model
  • Choreographer

Ksaundra Fitch brings a media and entertainment angle to our brokerages. She hosts the individual broker’s podcasts and shows on their YouTube channel. As a former actress and model, her expertise creates a niche in the market.

Scott Radin

Founder / Owner / Trainer

  • Industry Leader
  • GABI Founder
  • NAABB Founder
  • CMABI Founder

Scott Radin has been an industry leader in the business brokerage industry since 2001. He has developed over 500 brokerages in six countries. Scott has also sold over 2,000 businesses and qualified over 30,000 business buyers.


Sarah Odien

Social Media / Marketing

  • Disney World
  • Universal Studios
  • AAA
  • Niagara University

Sarah Odien has extensive experience in developing social media platforms for business brokerages and M&A firms. Her expertise allows our brokerages to thrive in the social media realm creating direct and indirect leads.