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Since 2001, we have been an industry leader in the development and resale of M&A firms and business brokerages.

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Scott Radin

Owner & Founder

Scott Radin has trained more than 500 business brokers, worked with more than 2,000 business owners or brokers in six countries and more than 30,000 people seeking businesses to purchase.

  • Remarkably successful business broker in Western New York 2001 – 2012
  • Developer of business brokerage licensing opportunities 2001 – 2020
  • Developer of a business acquisition financing network 2001 – Date
  • Developer of an M&A network of mid-sized businesses 2019 – Date
  • Developer of professional buyer network for mid-sized businesses 2009 – Date
  • Developer of Business Seller Coaching services 2020 – Date
  • Acclaimed for his pro bono work assisting victims of online slander 2008 – Date

Scott Radin has also achieved international recognition for standing up to known extortion site ripoffreport.com. A multiple victim of extortion himself on ripoffreport.com, he works with other advocates trying to get the FTC to ban this site. Both Fox News and 60 Minutes (amongst others) have done expose’s on this site referring to it as an “extortionist” site.

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M&A Brokerage Firm

Exclusivity by State

Gross Sales: $936,000

Annual Cash Flow: $588,000

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Virtual Business Brokerage

Remote Brokerage Services

Gross Sales: $550,000

Annual Cash Flow: $440,000

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Food & Hospitality Brokerage

Consulting & Sales

Gross Sales: $480,000

Annual Cash Flow: $384,000

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Our Corporate Team

Scott Radin

Founder / Owner / Trainer


Ksaundra Fitch

Digital Media / Podcast Host

Sarah Odien

Social Media / Marketing