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Since 2001, I have been developing and supporting business brokerages and M&A firms across six countries. I have sold or leased over 500 such businesses. Each business we develop includes a complete training and support platform as well as a managed social media platform and podcasts hosted by internationally acclaimed model and actress Ksaundra  Fitch.

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Scott Radin has been an industry leader in the business brokerage industry since 2001. He has developed over 500 brokerages in six countries. Scott has worked with more than 30,000 business buyers and owns12 businesses in business development and business brokering. He has also been victimized by numerous online slander / extortion web sites by unnamed people wanting to ruin him.

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Scott Radin is very active helping young people out of bad personal environments. He has helped young people with living money, utilities and housing. Since December of 2019, he has helped the young out of financial trouble and mentors them to succeed.

Scott Radin Personal Bio

Fighting Online Slander

Scott Radin is now an industry leader in fighting known slander / extortion sites and has taken on ripoffreport.com and it’s owner personally. He now helps the victims of these sites fight back.

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Ksaundra Fitch

Partner Ksaundra Fitch serves as media and podcast host helping the businesses we’ve sold thrive on digital and social media. An internationally acclaimed model and actress, she now focuses on The Scott Radin Group.

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For every business brokerage that we are selling, we provide a guarantee that you will earn $200,000 your first year or we will make up the difference.  This guarantee is backed by Berkshire Hathaway through our holdings company.

This guarantee mitigates your risk.

All brokerages developed are a complete turnkey opportunity with comprehensive support.


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Our brokerages for sale are professional business services firms that serve the M&A and small business markets in both brokerage and financing needs.

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